OTI is a modern cat bed. Cover material 100% cotton, stiffened frame 100% cardboard. Filling: synthetic soft fiber. Cover can be removed and washed. Dimensions in cm (width x height): 51.5 x 30. Weight: 3.4 kg.

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Some cats spend as much as 80% of their lives sleeping, so it is worth providing them with a comfortable bed.

The pleasure of sleep is all the greater since the cushions  hang over the ground like a hammock.

OTI is 30cm high not without a reason - cats prefer to watch everything from above.

Nothing but to sleep all day...

OTI construction is seated on a thick, stable, cardboard frame, so cats can feel comfortable and safe.

OTI oval shape was inspired by the shape of how our cats curl up while sleeping.

The center of OTI is filled with soft cushions that let the cats take even the most extremely twisted positions.

OTI fits perfectly within any fashionable interior - we took care of it. 

OTI is a perfect example of how to successfully combine cats comfort and convenience with the best aesthetic experience of their owners. 

From the bottom OTI cover is reinforced with two strong tapes, fastened with buckles, that keep the pillows above the ground. 

That is why OTI always looks and works perfectly.

OTI is made from the best materials:

- the frame is 100% natural cardboard,

- the cover material is 100% natural cotton.

See product video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=d_ckdg2ybI0

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