Two levels small tube (TM-2)

Product details

Small scratching tube. 
- Height 70 cm, 
- Base diameter 50 cm,
- Internal diameter 45 cm, 

Colour of Wood
The upper lid

Two entrances (choice of round or oval shaped). Tube covered with a high quality white sisal mat (5 mm thick), inside walls impregnated with wax to allow an easy cleaning and washing, caps are made of lacquered wood (hardwood plywood). Removable, washable pillow on each shelf. 
Available in 3 options: the upper lid entirely closed with either a round pillow or rosette or lid with the transition to the top of the tube and moon shaped pillow.
Various colours of wood and pillows available.
This product is made to order, FREE UK DELIVERY (within 21 days)

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