Waterproof scratching post W-O-1

Product details

- Base 55 cm x 55 cm,

- Platform 50 cm x 50 cm,

- Pole height 100 cm, diameter 14 cm, 

- Total height 108 cm.


This model is completely waterproof:

- shelves are made of waterproof plywood and additionally secured by a waterproof yacht lacquer,

- solid wood poles, pressure impregnated, coated with synthetic rope imitating sisal, have very similar properties in terms of strength and duirability for scratching by cats. The rope is completely resistant to weather conditions,

- the covers are made from of artificial grass,

- connections - innovative connection system developed in Rufi company, this system provides a very strong twisting of all elements, and guarantees a long life and durability of the connections (regardless of the tightening force and the number of assembly and disassembly of the scratcher).

In sunny days the scratcher can be washed with water and detergents or be cleaned with a pressure washer. After washing scratcher must be left in the sun to dry completely.

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